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Fighting for Freedom

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Why am I running?

I am running for Senate to continue fighting for freedom and restore the America we know and love. As a physician, family man, and America First diplomat, I’ve always prioritized service. I’ve cared deeply for my patients, provided medical treatments to veterans who needed them, and served as an ambassador fighting for the America First agenda.


Everything I’ve done has reinforced one key belief, that America is the greatest country on earth. Our country is in deep trouble today, and Jacky Rosen is part of the problem.


I’m running for Senate to unleash the American Dream and restore our nation to the greatness we saw in the Trump administration.

Meet Dr. Jeff Gunter

Dr. Jeff Gunter is a dedicated physician, accomplished diplomat, family man, and American patriot. Ambassador Gunter is a doctor first, always putting people and patients over politics.

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  • Grow the Economy
  • Secure the Border
  • Unleash American Energy
  • Reduce Spending and Inflation
  • Sound Healthcare Policy
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • America First Foreign Trade
  • Defeat Wokeism & Cancel Culture
  • Protect the American Dream
  • Crime/Homelessness/Mental Health
  • Care for Our Veterans
  • Election Integrity
  • Educational Freedom & Choice
  • America First Foreign Policy
  • Defend Our Second Amendment


Dr. Jeff Gunter for Senate

PO Box #95546 

Las Vegas, NV 89193

(702) 848-3961

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